ARM-Based Mac and Project Catalyst

ARM processors are one of the many crown jewels for Apple. Rumours of a Mac running one of these processors are floating around for quite some time. Earlier this year, I wrote a long post about Apple’s Catalyst Project: Apple’s Motivation for Marzipan. The story can be resumed as follow:

The plan is to kick out Intel out of the Macs and replace them with A-Series ARM processors. And by doing so, Apple has to have an operating system alternative well into place with a lot of great, powerful and full features apps. iOS is going to be the answer for this in a few years with the millions of apps already available on iOS.

The idea of using Catalyst apps in order to offer a great selection of applications to any future ARM-based Macs is gaining ground. Dan Baker writing for Digital Trends:

With Catalyst, the ARM MacBook could launch with a huge catalogue of apps available right in the Mac App Store.

As of today though, the rush to port iPad apps to macOS Catalina seems to slow down quite a bit. The best examples of such apps are PDF Viewer and GoodNotes 5. It will take a lot more apps in order to support the idea of selling a special MacBook running an ARM and dedicated Apple-designed graphics processors.

SwiftUI and Apple Arcade are the other levers Apple is actually using to prepare for the launch of an ARM-based machine. SwiftUI is still in its infancy though, next year certainly will bring updates to this developing technology. That being said, my own expectations are for a 2021 or 2022 for the first appearance of an ARM-based Mac.

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