Leave of Absence from the Real World

Here is an interesting thought from Jenny Judge writing on Medium “Tech Has Drained the Reality Out of Our Real Lives” (emphasis is mine):

But the inescapable shoddiness of our amateur photographs served an important purpose, beyond the obvious one of discouraging narcissism, and it was this: Through its very mediocrity, each image told us that the real world was better than the one it depicted.

Thanks to modern smartphones:

Our amateur photographs used to push us back toward the real world. Now, however, they pull us away from it.

More and more, we look at our world surrounding us and find ourselves wanting to be somewhere else. Digital cameras are pushing us away from a certain reality. We could say the same with noise-cancelling AirPods Pro. We use more and more technologies that morph our world into something surreal. I find this to be frightening.

Photo by Adrian Deweerdt

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