Not Returning to Facebook Anytime Soon

Here is why I won’t return to Facebook anytime soon. Things have to change at this company. Or it will come from within or it will be imposed sometimes from the outside. I’m patiently waiting for this to happen. Great speech by Sacha Baron Cohen.

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  1. Dear JF Martin,

    I cannot agree with you more about certain social media and their adverse effects on people and societies. In particular, I have endeavour to study and analyze such issues in my recent post entitled “Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity“. The post has twelve sections, which can be accessed instantly from the aforementioned navigational menu at the top of the post. The major sections are as follows:

    Introduction : All the World’s a Stage of Misinformation
    Cognitive Biases : A Minefield of Mental Traps for the Unwary
    Infodemic : Media Landscape & Information Ecosystem Pollution
    Hype, Bias, Affect : Appeal to Emotion & Lazy Thinking
    Misquotation & Misinformation : A Gateway to Bad Conduct
    Social Media : Social Amplification & Cultural Tribalism
    Infographic : Escaping Confirmation Bias & Echo Chamber
    Social Fracture : Existential Crisis, Subjectivity & Acculturation
    Fact-Checking : An Emerging Market Fraught with Issues
    Post-Truth : Weaponizing Falsity & Normalizing Duplicity
    Authentication : Quotation and Information Checklist
    Denouement : Democracy, Education, Legislation & Sustainability

    Given your background and interests, I am very keen and curious to know what you think or make of the post, and thus look forward to your leaving a comment there in good time.

    Happy reading and may you have a lovely week!

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