Trump With Cook [Updated]

I don’t know what to think about all this. This short clip about Trump visiting Apple’s MacPro factory in Texas is just… awkward? I’m sure intrigued to see the MacPro assembly line up close. I’m happy to see this machine finally coming to reality. But this guy, I mean, I cannot stand this guy.

A few observations about the assembly line:

  • There is a lot of people involved, more than I thought.
  • Some guys look at iMac screens that are standing too low for them so they need to lean in order to look at the screen which I think is not great.
  • Some iMacs are upside down.
  • Macs are supporting assembly instructions with lots of visuals.
  • The packaging of the Mac Pro is entirely done with paperboard.
  • The speed of operations is slow and I cannot see them building hundred of thousands of machines per week like Apple is able to achieve with the iPhone. Obviously this is a low volume device.
[Update]: @Gruber certainly feels really bad about this whole public relation ops.

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