Announcing Blog Improvements

Today I want to share a few important improvements to the Numeric Citizen Blog.

First, after more than a year of hesitation, I finally selected the fonts for the blog’s textual elements. Titles are using “Adele” from Adobe TypeKit while all other text elements are using “Noto Serif” also from Adobe TypeKit. Fonts are the basis of visual appeal and I’m finally happy with the results.

Example of Adele and Noto Serif

Second, the top banner has been updated in order for the overlaid text and blog avatar to stand out more. A side note: Photoshop for iPad was used to build this banner from scratch. Very easy to use by the way.

Numeric Citizen updated look

Third, four social links has been added on the banner so you can easily find me on Twitter, Medium, Flickr and other places too.

The menu banner has been simplified and reorganized as I finally spent the time to learn how to deal with WordPress menu organization features. I think the end result is a simplified look while still allowing access to all the blog pages.

Updated menu banner

Finally and not the least, a new blog page titled “Why No Ads?” Has been added. I really encourage you to spend a few minutes to find out why there is no ads on this blog.

I really hope that you like these changes and look at them as real improvements to my blog. Please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this blog post.

This blog post was entirely composed and published from my 11” iPad Pro using recycled electrons.

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