My Blogging Year in Review

For my blogging year in review, I want to look back and write about a few milestones, about what went well and what didn’t. Quite a lot happened as I restarted this blog after three years on hiatus.

Let’s talk numbers

I wrote and published 461 posts for a total of more than 95 000 words accounting for about 200 words per blog post. They received a total of 700 likes and 168 comments. I cannot count how many hours I spend thinking, writing, editing and posting these posts. Why would I, after all, I do this for the fun of expressing my creativity, right? Yep.

My first blog post

It was back in October of 2018 when I posted my first blog post. It was a starting point for a more regular publishing habit. This post was a picture showing off fall colours with a simple phrase. Nothing more. Since then, so many things happened.

My most popular blog posts were about the GuruShots photography game. These posts still attract a lot of traffic to my blog. I didn’t know they would create such traffic when writing them:

These two blog posts represent the vast majority of traffic drivers to my blog today. I wish other content would attract even more visitors though. I’m not always rewarded in proportion to the work that went into some of my other blog posts.

My new internet home

Then, Quitting Facebook and Tumblr allowed me to spend more time writing and posting here. This made Numeric Citizen Blog my official new Internet home. It was back in December of last year. It is the turning point of traffic increase as I could publish at a steady pace.

After much research, I finally selected a WordPress theme that would put a nice face on my blog. It wasn’t easy as there are so many themes available to choose from. I paid for it because of its many customization features.

Over the first few months of 2019, I added two photography series: Photo Legend and Before&After. Both allow me to post photography stuff that I cannot post on a site like Flickr. These blog posts usually attract quite a few likes and reactions.

Last February, I switched to WordPress Business Plan in order to get all the controls I needed to make Numeric Citizen Blog what it is today. But, above all, I wanted the ads to be removed so my visitors wouldn’t be annoyed by them. I plan to keep paying for this as long as I can. Automattic’s customer service impressed me on every occasion required.

I also added a few more features during 2019 to allow for some interaction possibilities with the Numeric Citizen Blog. First, a Newsletter for people to stay in touch over email with MailChimp. It does attract a few subscribers. I encourage you to join by the way. Using my CrowdSignal account, I could publish quick polls. I ran a few of them. I should post more of them though.

Things that did not work so well

Last March, I added the tip jar to my blog allowing people to tip my work if they feel it is worth it. I never got any money from this. Even though this feature is included in my WordPress Business Plan, it didn’t work at all. It is still available and I don’t know what I’ll do with this.

In May, I returned to Medium and subscribed to their partner program so I could republish my most important blog posts there and maybe get some money in return. It worked but I’m not going to be rich with this! I plan to stay on this program as far as I can think of. I’ll see.

Finally, my podcasting adventure started but it didn’t attract a lot of people. I guess it is related to the fact that it is a french spoken podcast. Anyways, I wanted to get a better knowledge of what is required to make a podcast. Now I know. Again, I’m planning to continue the journey. Speaking of podcasting, I did get invited to speak on many other guys’ podcasts and I loved it. I hope to be able to join as often as possible in the future.

Looking forward

After a year of intense work as a part-time blogger, I plan to stay the course. I may change a few things here and there but I feel satisfied so far with my journey.

Finally, this blog and my involvement allowed me to get in touch with other bloggers on WordPress. Virtually meeting others who share a passion for writing and expressing their creativity is really cool. I do have readers who come back often to read new blog posts and I thank them now!

Blogging is not what it used to be like when MySpace was still around but it is not the case. Thank you Facebook, you are doing so many wonderful things to our world. Meanwhile, I do my part of keeping this art alive and well.

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