Fighting Facebook et al.

Fighting Facebook takes many forms. As they threaten so many parts of our society, our response has to be diversified. Molly Lambert writing on Twitter:

Brent Simmons response goes in the same vein I mine. It is a matter of choice and willingness. Big corporations like Facebook not only are a challenge for democracy, they suck a lot of writing energy from the open web. Blogging as a mean for expressing ourselves is certainly not what it was before Facebook came to be. Remember MySpace?

As a blog owner myself, I do make the choice of investing myself in this gentle fight. It has been a year now that I made a return here. I should start looking back and see how I fared. My writing habits changed quite a bit over the past twelve months but I’m still here and willing to pursue this adventure of expression of myself.

You choose the web you want. But you have to do the work.

Brent Simmons

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