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I came across this post recently about having a personal blog:

At the risk of sounding religious about this, and maybe I am, our personal websites are our temples. They remain the one space on the internet where we decide how we are introduced to friends, potential employees and strangers. It’s a place where we can express, on our terms, who we are and what we offer.

Tobias van Schneider

This is exactly why my blog exists. Other platforms own everything, in their own term. They crop, compress, reduce, de optimize and sell our things. We are quite a few people who like it this way: owning and sharing our things on our own terms.

From another post on the Initial Charge blog:

Your personal website is like your own little piece of the internet. One that lives beyond the ebbs and flows of whatever the latest social networking craze is. Services like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter will rise and fall, but you have control over your own personal website and can keep it active for as long as you want it.

Michael Rockwell

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