Installing Creative Cloud Fonts on iPadOS

This week Adobe released version 5.0 of its Creative Cloud app for iOS. The major new feature is the ability browse and install fonts on your device. While experimenting the application, I found myself enjoying browsing a plethora of fonts. Fonts mimicking handwritten text are my favourite. My hope is that more apps introduce support for locally installed fonts. Apple’s Notes is such an example the needs to add support for this.

A thousand fonts are available for download

The installation process is simple and really quick. Once installed, you can look at fonts availability from like shown here.

Fonts are really small files on your device

I wish Apple would provide a font browsing application on iOS just like they do on macOS. Having to open to browse installed fonts is not the greatest experience in my opinion. One final note: fonts installed on one device are not synchronized with others. They have to be manually installed.

The ability to install fonts on iPadOS is another milestone in making the iPad a fully capable computer for serious creative work.

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