On iOS 13 Aggressive RAM Management

Multitasking experience has become awful since iOS 13, particularly with iOS 13.2. It seems iOS has trouble keeping apps in memory, even on high-end devices with a lot of system RAM like on my iPhone 11 Pro. According to a summary post by MacRumors, I’m not alone complaining. On top of that, when I do a swipe to discard the current app and return to the home screen, I experience a small lag that breaks the fluidity of the animation like shown here.

Interrupted gesture on iOS 13.2

This issue completely ruins the multitasking experience and can create data loss. If you edit an email and switch back and forth to Safari, then you risk losing the mail you are composing. And I’m not talking about Safari which will need to reload the page you are looking. It is frustrating.

In 2019, Apple fixed a lot of things; Old Mac products have been refreshed, the iPhone returned to the top as a camera, they are about to fix the damn MacBook keyboards. But, on the software side, we could be in the middle of the dark age. According to people working at Apple and as reported by Marco Arment on Twitter:

Will iOS 13.3 fix this problem of multitasking and many others? I certainly hope so. Now that most of the new features announced by Apple at the WWDC conference last June are out, maybe Apple is now entering in a stabilization phase. My fingers are crossed.

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