A Touching but Troubling Ad

For a few years now, Apple releases an ad during the Thanksgiving week. Every time, Apple moves our emotions and shows they can touch our soul with simple and short movies. This year is no exception. Have a look for yourself. https://youtu.be/LDeRyyDrS40 As touching this ad can be, I find it to be troublesome. On... Continue Reading →

Here is the latest addition to the Before & After series. Enjoy. What a great sunset it was. As you can see, more contrast added to the cloudy sky. Better lighting in the foreground vegetation. Generally more definition to the overall look.

This is my current photo workflow. Changes from the previous release are more cosmetics than anything else. I'm still waiting for two key things to happen. First, decide what to do with my Flickr account. Second, the upcoming Lightroom CC update that will allow for direct import of RAW images on my iPad Pro via... Continue Reading →

A Must-Have for iPhone Photography

If you are serious about doing photography with your iPhone, I highly recommend this utility: Metapho. This small photo utility shows all the meta-information that sit within each photo you take with your device. The latest update introduces support for the latest iPhone 11 camera features, one being able to show which mode the iPhone... Continue Reading →

Not Returning to Facebook Anytime Soon

Here is why I won't return to Facebook anytime soon. Things have to change at this company. Or it will come from within or it will be imposed sometimes from the outside. I'm patiently waiting for this to happen. Great speech by Sacha Baron Cohen. https://twitter.com/adamcbest/status/1197905317427847168?s=20

Rare Peek Inside iOS 13 Messy Development

iOS 13 Logo - I love it! I rarely quote Bloomberg stuff (because of the "Big Hack" story that was purely a fake report), but this story about iOS 13 messy development is interesting. "Inside Apple’s iPhone Software Shakeup After Buggy iOS 13 Debut" reveals many interesting tidbits. Last year, Apple delayed several iOS 12... Continue Reading →

Trump With Cook [Updated]

https://twitter.com/urixx/status/1197413027907284994?s=20 I don't know what to think about all this. This short clip about Trump visiting Apple's MacPro factory in Texas is just... awkward? I'm sure intrigued to see the MacPro assembly line up close. I'm happy to see this machine finally coming to reality. But this guy, I mean, I cannot stand this guy.... Continue Reading →

https://youtu.be/OCpxBgGMeOg Impressive interior view of Apple's headquarters Take a few minutes to look at this short video of Apple's headquarters. What a magnificent place to go see and probably work. I'm completely amazed by the amount of design that went into this building and installations. I'm in awe of this place. My design awareness is... Continue Reading →

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