Peeking Inside Apple

Less known YouTube channel “Apple United Kingdom” publishes quite a few videos highlighting work by many of its employees. These videos give us a rare look inside Apple. Two of my favourites are “Manufacturing Design Engineer” and “Advanced Manufacturing Engineer.”.

My take from these videos:

  • Lot’s of women and people from all around the world involved in engineering;
  • Modern open space offices with a lot of light;
  • Many Macs in offices but Windows machine too;
  • A lot of technology involved in building high tech devices;
  • Craftmanship;
  • Attention to details;
  • I know nothing about all the things portrayed in these videos.

The thing I always wonder: how current are the Macs used by Apple’s employees? I mean, do they get the latest and greatest every year, every two years?

Finally, how many will look at these videos frame by frame?

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