The Case for one Last Apple Event [Updated]

There are ten days left to October. We are on Monday. That would be a great time for Apple to send media invites for one last keynote in 2019. Here is why this would make perfect sense.


First, there this powerful and completely redesigned Mac Pro with the gorgeous new monitor waiting to go on sale. Presented earlier this year, the availability of this machine is set to “Coming This Fall.”. There are still 30 days for this to happen. Would it makes sense for Apple to re-announce this machine in a new keynote? Well, yes and no. There are several details still missing about the Mac Pro: possible configurations and the corresponding pricing, availability. It is a machine for the pro-market. In this area, I think one more thing is coming, which would warrant another keynote.

On the right, the look of the upcoming 16″ MacBook Pro

Second, Apple is working on this 16″ MacBook Pro, that is a given. A return to a scissor-based mechanical keyboard, a return of a physical ESC key, more powerful graphic card options are on the menu for this one. It is a machine targeted at the pro-market. It would make sense to announce it along the Mac Pro. I expect that the newly designed keyboard would eventually find its way to lower-end models over the next 18 months.

Third, Apple is also working on the new AirPods Pro. Not necessarily for the pro-market, these higher-end AirPods with noise-cancelling technology will be more expensive for sure as I expect Apple to keep the lower-end models in the lineup. These new AirPods could come with a few surprises, though, related to health monitoring. Announcing them right now would undoubtedly make them a perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season.

One more thing?

There is a rumour about an updated Apple TV box. I’m not sure about this one. Some are thinking of a beefier version to support the most demanding Apple Arcades games. Who knows. Personally, I’m not betting on this one except if Apple is announcing their own game controllers which I profoundly doubt.

Lower price HomePod? The return of the Apple router? Apple Tags? I don’t think so.

When and where

My bet goes for an event to be held on October 30th, just a few days before Apple officially debuts its Apple TV+ service. It would be a great occasion for them to remind the whole planet about this new offering. The venue is more difficult to guess. The Steve Jobs theatre is an option, but I would expect Apple to use a more non-traditional site, something closer to the Pro market or Hollywood.

Today is the day where I’ll find if I’m good with predictions. Let’s see.

[Update #1: Well, the day passed and no media invites were sent. Someone in the comments section wrote that Apple is holding their financial results conference on October 30th. There is no chance the keynote would be held the same day. My next guess right now is for a Keynote being held in the first week of November. Yet, this would imply a media invite sent this week at the latest. ] [Update #2: so, for @Gruber, no more event for this year. Private briefing yes, probably.]

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  1. Apple will give its financial results on the 30th of october, so it looks highly unlikely there’s gonna be a special event this day too.

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