Still Relevant Today

I hope you chose to look at the clip before reading the following observations. It is not too late, come back later for my observations.

I took out a few powerful words from this clip which are: Back to the basics. Greats products. Great marketing. Great distribution. Not enough focus. Much simpler. Much better. Be clear. Brand value. Caring. Don’t talk about speed or MIPS or MHz. That is what they are about. Where do we fit in this world? Core values. Think different.

The order of the subject Steve Jobs talks about is very telling about his focus: it is all about the product stupid! Then the way you present yourself (or the product). Finally, ti is about how you get it our the doors. Simple.

But most of all, look at Apple today and see how it fits Steve Jobs’s words. Particularly the ones in italic. Think about it for a second. My gut feeling is that Apple long started drifting away from the meaning of theses simple words.

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