The Risky Business of Installing Apple’s Beta Releases [Updated]

I’ve been on the beta of iOS for as long as Apple offered them to the general public. I never had an issue with installing new beta releases. Yes, I had issues while using them, that is another matter. But, installing beta over and over, nope. Until yesterday. Here is my short story about the risky business of installing Apple’s beta releases.

Update process stucked

Beta 2 of iPadOS 13.2 stucked near the end of the update process

The update of beta2 over beta1 never completed. Pressing any buttons on my iPad would make the following text appear: “iPad will restart when update completes”. It never did. What could I do?

I started to look at the discussion forums on the AppleSeed website. I quickly found out that I wasn’t alone. Even on Twitter, people started to complain. Noby had a clear solution. As suggested, I tried the hard reset procedure to force the iPad to reboot. After the reboot, the iPad restarted the update process with the same result. I tried again the same procedure but then the following thing happened.

On the second hard reset attempt, the iPad came back in recovery mode

The situation got worse quickly. Then, I remembered that my last good backup of this iPad was done in June, before installing iOS 13.0 beta 1. Oops. I came back to the discussion forums and followed some people’s recommendations to plug the iPad on the Mac and do the update from there.

Trying to recover from this mess

Plugging my iPad to the Mac would generate this warning in iTunes.

I selected Update

After selecting the Update option, iTunes downloaded iOS 13.1.2 and pushed it to the iPad. After the restart, my iPad came back to life. A bunch of apps couldn’t start. Each of them had to be updated from the iPad in order to run again. I had to go to the App Store and apply the updates. After a while, since the beta profile was surprisingly still in place, iOS started to download iOS 13.2 beta 2. After a while, when the download was done, another issue came up. The iPad couldn’t install the update because my iPad wasn’t connected to the internet which was not the case. Bummer.

Waiting for beta 3

Again, after looking around on the internet, other people had the exact same problem. This build of iOS 13.2 is definitely bad and Apple should have removed it already. But at the time of this writing, this is not the case. I’ll have to wait for beta 3 I guess which should come out next week.

If you want to get onboard by instaling beta releases of Apple’s software, think again. Eventually, bad things will happen.

[Update #1: MacRumors is first to report about the issue. Apple seemed to have disabled the update since yesterday.]

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