iPhone 11 Pro Compared to a 100 MP Camera

Taken with my iPhone 11 Pro
Unedited photo taken with telephoto camera of the iPhone 11 Pro.

How do you think an iPhone 11 Pro compares to a $13,000 camera capable of producing 100 megapixels RAW images? Do you think it is a bad idea to even consider comparing both of them? Well, maybe not as Josh Rossi recently wrote for PetaPixel:

These kinds of comparisons—though ridiculous on the face of it—provide a level of contrast that allows us to see just how far Apple has managed to improve their camera system and software.

Josh Rossi

While reading the article, I made one bad call and one right call. On one call, I chose the picture that I thought was done with the higher end camera while doing the opposite on the second try. I won’t give you the answers. Just see for yourself. I know what to look for when examining picture quality.

What I love about this comparison is the fact that Rossi used the RAW images of both devices. As I wrote recently in my own take on the iPhone 11 Pro:

It is a bit tricky to compare iPhone 11 Pro cameras specs to the iPhone 7’s only camera. (…) Sensor specs are useful to compare but don’t forget: if you shoot mostly in JPEG/HEIC, then the resulting photos are massively processed by the software. The sensor is essential, yes, but for the following comparison, the fundamental nature of the sensor is to produce RAW data. If you shoot in RAW format and process with Lightroom for example, then the following sensor specs make real sense because you are the one who will do most of the processing.

JF Martin aka Numeric Citizen 🙂

This whole test means a lot: the state of technology in smartphones these days is incredibly capable.

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