As soon as they were made available for purchase, I ordered them. I already own first-generation, and I love them. It is probably the most delightful product from Apple in a very long time. I usually skip a few generations of a product before upgrading. The AirPods Pro offers a lot of improvements, which I... Continue Reading →

Coming Back Home

Ultra wide angle picture here It’s been quiet here recently. I was on a business trip which didn’t give me much time for other things. I’m back now. Expect some comments on Apple’s newly released AirPod Pro, their latest quarterly results and my experience with the iPhone 11 Pro while on trip.

Losing Control

We may have lost control of our democracy because we lost control of Facebook. In light of recent appearances of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, how can we have faith in this guy? This is very troubling and nobody seams to known what to do next to fix this. Facebook is the symbol of algorithm based... Continue Reading →

Here is the latest addition to the photo legend series. Enjoy. This photo was taken from the balcony of my hotel this summer, in Vancouver. Heavily edited to compensate for the lack of light, this photo comes from my iPhone 7. Since I have upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro, I wonder how better this picture would look today.

Buggy Software for Bored People

Sometimes we get a peek inside Apple's internals, a glimpse, a particular insight. It is from a former Apple engineer, a software developer. A recent Tidbits article from a former software engineer offers a view on why Apple's software is so buggy. Here is the possible cause of buggy software these days: Apple could address... Continue Reading →

Food for Thoughts

Sometimes, while listening to the news, while surfing on news sites or even reading my Twitter feed, I get the feeling that the third world war as begun. This time, this hate is translated with words, not arms. Results are as devastating.

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