My Photographer Challenge

Over the years, my photography skills improved quite a bit. Since 2016, I’m shooting in RAW most of the time and it makes a big difference. I started doing urban exploration which offers a quite different photography style. But there is one challenge that I can’t quite tackle: human photography in candid situations. Here is why.

Humans are living and unpredictable things. They can be uncomfortable in certain situations. One of them is while they are being photographed. I’m shy of asking permission. I’m afraid of people’s reactions if they discover that I’m staring at them with my camera. That being said, many photographers are just mastering the art of human photography. One of them is David Enzel, you can find his photos on his blog. So many nice photos there. His portfolio here. Please, stop everything and go see for yourself.

A sample of Mr. David Enzel work follows. Blog post photo by Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash.

Bravo to Mr Enzel, so many great photos

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