The Significance of Apple’s Music Web Player

Apple Music Web Player on iPadOS 13

With less than a week before Apple announces the new iPhone and many other things, they drop a bombshell: an Apple Music web player is now available to a web browser near you. Here are some observations about this surprising move.

  • iTunes for Windows is dead and Apple won’t provide a native Windows application for Apple Music in the future.
  • The web player is so good in beta form, we have to wonder why Apple bothered to develop a native version of its player for macOS Catalina. Maybe they did it to support more complex features like AirPlay 2.
  • Apple is opening up to other platforms like never before. After bringing Apple Music to Android, AirPlay 2 to TV sets from Samsung, LG and others, they now bring the whole Apple Music experience to the web.
  • Apple is obviously trying to go after Spotify with this.
  • I expect a lot more people using the Apple Music web player than there are for The scale of potential users for a web-based application developed by Apple is unprecedented.
  • Today’s news doesn’t imply that Apple will make iMessage available to the web too. iMessage is a major sticky point in Apple ecosystem.
  • Apple has developed a solid skill set in developing web-based applications as shown with other examples like iCloud Photos or the iWork suite.
  • The Apple Music web player is not available from the web site. Some people commented to be a surprising move. I don’t think so. Apple Music is a whole different beast. Besides iCloud Music Library, It has little to do with

Head to MacStories for more comments about the player itself. I made a proposal for iTunes deconstruction, a web player wasn’t part of it. Nut I’m fine with it.

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  1. Good observations. It’s a big surprise! Yet it makes sense to compete on the web. So…I can use Apple Music on my Chromebook?! Never woulda thought that! I plan to stick with Google Play Music (or YouTube Music), but it’s nice to have the option of Apple Music. I thought I also heard that iCloud in the web itself was also getting a revamp. All good news for progress and competition.

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