On The Road To Bar Harbor With Apple Maps

Photo taken with my iPhone 7, processed with Lightroom CC. Near Bar Harbor

Are you one of those who think Google Maps is better than Apple Maps? I’m back from a long weekend trip to Bar Harbor. It was our first time there, my love and me. Like any other couple, we do have our preferences when we travel. It is the case with the navigation app. She prefers Google Maps; I prefer Apple Maps. This trip confirmed my choice. Here is why.

Our small experiment

For most of the trip, my wife drove the car and used her iPhone X running Google Maps for driving directions, I was using Apple Maps. From Montreal to Bar Harbor, Google Maps made a few mistakes that I found quite surprising considering the perceived superiority of Google Maps over Apple Maps. To get out of Montreal, Google failed to get us on a fast path. Each time we argued about it. She keeps thinking Google Maps is better even with glaring mistakes. At one point, I was using Apple Maps to search for an alternative route and found it is more accurate and easier to use. Google Maps will often select the shortest path but requiring many small-town streets with stops and lights while Apple Maps preferred road outside small towns. Settings of both we’re comparable.

My point here is that I think Apple Maps is undervalued in general and Google Maps overvalued. The latter is hard to use and looks too technical while Apple Maps is cleaner and more approachable. To me, the difference is enough to praise Apple mapping services. The next time you travel, consider trying Apple Maps for a while and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised.

Disclaimer: I’m using iOS 13.1 beta 1. Apple Maps in iOS 13 is gaining many welcomed refinements and new features. To read more about them, head on to MacStories: “Apple Maps in iOS 13: Sights Set on Google”.

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  1. Apple Maps is really good. I used it exclusively for a couple years. The navigation while driving is great. Whatever problems it had at launch have long been corrected as far as I could tell. I did miss Street View though. But that will soon be changed. And Google Maps is also on par. I think both are very good yet imperfect and will have mistakes. I’ve switched back to Google Maps since I got a Chromebook. There are great upgrades to Apple Maps coming in iOS13, but what makes me scratch my head is why hasn’t Apple made an online website for their maps like Google? That, I think, would extend its adoption; more people would likely try it. Apple does have online map data via DuckDuckGo search, so why not extend that to a dedicated website? Or did I miss such an announcement?

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