On iPhone Realness In Photography

The next iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 11, will be revealed to the world in a few days, on September 10th. For me, this could be one of the most exciting release of an iPhone in a long time. Here is why.

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know that I’m a serious amateur photographer. As shown in my photo workflow published a while back, I’m not only using my Nikon D750, the iPhone is also a big part of it. This is where the next iPhone comes into play.

I think Apple is the only smartphone company who cares for the right things when it comes to photography. A recent article from AppleInsider puts it simply:

Apple seems to have a better awareness of what people want to capture: flattering images of themselves and their friends and family. At nearly every one of its iPhone launch events, Apple has presented new technologies capable of capturing better pictures of people, rather than just still images in the dark.

That’s included the warmer, more realistic TrueTone flash on iPhone 7, as well as iPhone 7 Plus Portrait images that not only blur out the background (a trick Google later copied computationally for Pixel) but also use a zoom lens to capture a more flattering face shot.

For a photographer like me, this is what I expect from Apple. I don’t want gimmicky features on the next iPhone. I want features that will push the realness to the next level. I can’t wait for September 10th event.

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