iPhone Photography Awards

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash Recently I discovered the iPhone Photography Awards web site (IPPAWARDS). This year's winners are now available. Here are a few observations. Since you can see past challenges back to 2008, you can see the evolution in the quality of the winners. Its is fascinating. I would explain it this way. First, iPhone... Continue Reading →

On Sign In with Apple

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash Of all the new features that iOS 13 will bring, there this one that I can't wait to use: Sign in with Apple. Here is why. MacStories published an interesting article about the upcoming Sign In with Apple feature. iOS 13 will let developers to integrate the ability to use you Apple... Continue Reading →

When Small Victories Were Crucial

British Airways announcing important investment in Apple’s iPhone: As part of British Airways’ £6.5bn investment for customers, the airline has announced that all of its 15,000 cabin crew will be issued with iPhone XRs to help them offer a more personalised service to the more than 45 million customers that travel with the airline every... Continue Reading →

Version Museum

Here is something really cool, the Version Museum. Of particular interest, Apple's homepage. Fascinating is the change from 1997 to 1998: it suddenly turn to being a product only homepage. Apple today still use many of the structure elements they used back then. The Version Museum makes me think about the fact that, in the... Continue Reading →


I’m back from a weekend at Mont-Tremblant where an Ironman competition took place. A friend of mine was among the competitors. For those who don’t know what an Ironman is, here is a summary. The competition begins with 3.8 Km of swimming in a lake followed by 180 km of biking, and the last part is a... Continue Reading →

Using Lightroom Classic 8.4 GPU Acceleration

If you updated your Lightroom Classic this week to version 8.4 but didn't see much of a difference performance-wise while editing your images, here is the trick. Make sure, as shown below, to force Lightroom to use your computer GPU while editing images. It is not the default option. By default, Lightroom uses Auto. It... Continue Reading →

Photo Legend 14

One of the many photo taken during my vacation in Hawaii. This one feels special to me but I’m not sure why. Believe it or not, this scene was in the morning, in front of our bed & breakfast. There was this ray of light coming out through the clouds. I came back in to... Continue Reading →

Climate Change Is Coming At You

Dear America, climate change is coming at you. Fast. A devastating report published by the Washington Post: Extreme climate change has arrived in America. It's coming to Canada too.

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