DPReview​ on 2018 iPad Pro

It is a bit late but better late than never I guess. DPReview, the popular photography gear review site, has published a review of the 2018 iPad Pro from a photographer perspective.

Apple is making the pitch that that iPad Pro is now a legitimate replacement for a laptop. But does that apply to photographers? Whenever this question comes up, regardless of who is asking, it all depends on what you need the device to do. From a hardware perspective, the power is definitely there—it’s great to not think about whether the iPad can handle a particular task. On the software side, I’m looking forward more than ever to what’s coming next. While the current software can do a lot, existing limitations, such as the winding pipeline to move images from camera to editing applications, are still holding the platform back. But the improvements in iPadOS 13, provided they arrive as previewed so far, will make a big difference.

Jeff Carlson from DPReview

They key word here: iPadOS 13.

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