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Of all the new features that iOS 13 will bring, there this one that I can’t wait to use: Sign in with Apple. Here is why.

MacStories published an interesting article about the upcoming Sign In with Apple feature. iOS 13 will let developers to integrate the ability to use you Apple ID in order to create an account to use an online service.

According to Apple’s iOS 13 preview web site:

Now you can sign in to apps and websites with the Apple ID you already have. No filling out forms or creating new passwords. Just tap “Sign in with Apple” and after a quick Face ID or Touch ID confirmation, you’re all set. Apps can ask only for your name and email address, and if you prefer, we can create a unique email address that forwards to your real one. We won’t track your activity and you’re in control of your data.

There are so many new things with iOS 13 and Sign In with Apple is the one that I’m really looking forward to use. According to the MacStories article:

Although Sign In with Apple is mainly beneficial for new users who don’t yet have an account for a given app or service, with the system Apple has built, developers have the option of letting existing users convert their accounts to Sign In with Apple for its convenience and security benefits.

This is the most interesting part to me. Creating online account doesn’t happen very often these days for me. But, being able to convert my current account to use the new feature is interesting. My hope is that developers will adopt the feature in mass.

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