Lightroom Classic Update Available

Another day, another Adobe Lightroom update is released! This time, Lightroom Classic gets a few new features and performance optimizations. I spent a few moments experimenting with this release. On the performance optimizations, I do see a difference on my iMac but this is not as much as I would like. My setup is a 21″ iMac 2017 with 32 GB of RAM and a discrete video card with 4 GB of RAM with a 23.7″ 4K LG display (see my review here). This should be one of those cases where this update shines. Again, I do see the improvements but they are subtle.

Other feature of interest is the ability to assign a colour to an image collection which I find very useful . As your collection grows, searching for a specific one while browsing your library can be tedious. Having a colour label attached to it make it stand out. I’m using the red label on currently active image collection.

This update follows the one that came out last May. I have a feeling that the next release, this fall, will hopefully support macOS Catalina in the October – November timeframe.

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