Could Apple’s Maps in iOS 13 Be A Sleeper Hit?

Could Apple’s Maps in iOS 13 be e sleeper hit? Ryan Christoffel writing for MacStories:

Throughout its lifetime, Maps has been the recipient of small, iterative improvements over long stretches of time. Perhaps now that Apple owns the full stack of mapping data, it can start competing on its own terms and change the common perception that Apple Maps is second-class to Google

Apple has gone a long way since 2012 regarding its mapping services. I could appreciate it while on vacation this summer in Hawaii. We may tend to forget that Hawaii is an American state and this means that Apple’s Maps data has been upgraded to the latest details and version.

In so many instances, I found new details and behaviours that I found very useful and carefully crafted. One example is when I was looking at the distance between my bed & breakfast place and the airport. Apple’s Maps and Siri worked together to put my next flight right on top of the airport area.

Finding restaurants and places to visit is a much better experience than what is currently provided in iOS 12. Marking places as favorites is really useful too. All in all, iOS 13 update brings a lot on the table in Apple’s Maps to the point of potentially being a sleeper hit.

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