Browsing RAW Images In iPadOS 13 Beta 5

As I wrote a while back, Editing RAW Images In iPadOS 13 Beta 2, editing and browsing RAW Images was still not really supported. But with the latest iPadOS 13 Beta 5, things are starting to get better. You can now browse and see RAW images in their full quality with the Files app. Before beta 5, you could only see a tiny JPEG preview. No more, tapping on a RAW image in Files will open it and show the content, full screen! But there is still one thing missing: browsing a RAW images folder on macOS, all files have their thumbnails which make it easy to browse them and locate the one you are looking for. I wish I could see and do the same thing in Files app. I filled a feedback report to Apple asking them to implement this. Shouldn’t be hard to do. But hey, this is Apple, it can take years before I see this! See this YouTube video for all the new features of Beta 5!

As you can see, the iPad with iPadOS 13 is becoming an even more serious tool for photographers. Can’t wait for companies like Adobe to update their softwares to take advantage of it!

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