iOS 13 Is Not Only Buggy…

Apple’s is known to be very buggy in iOS 13 beta cycle. Even at version 13.1 beta 1, things are not looking good yet. But there is another problem that is making this version of very frustrating to use. Consider the following two screenshots. On the left, this is what we get while... Continue Reading →

Mistakes, Really?

Following the publication of my long blog post about Siri privacy protection this week, I read a follow-up post from John Gruber on Daringfireball. He writes (emphasis is mine): My take on this saga was severely critical, but I am convinced this was a mistake — really, a series of mistakes — on Apple’s part, not an indication that the... Continue Reading →

Today's Apple invite uses one of the best graphic in recent memories. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it on September 10th because of my daytime job. Can't remember this happening. I'll have to turn off my phone if I don't want to see spoilers. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make... Continue Reading →

DPReview​ on 2018 iPad Pro

It is a bit late but better late than never I guess. DPReview, the popular photography gear review site, has published a review of the 2018 iPad Pro from a photographer perspective. Apple is making the pitch that that iPad Pro is now a legitimate replacement for a laptop. But does that apply to photographers?... Continue Reading →

My Take On iOS 13.1 In August

Apple surprised many yesterday when they released the first beta iOS 13.1. In the past, a dot one release (iOS 12.1 for example) comes right after the release of the iPhone in mid-Septembre. Not this time. Why? What could be the explanation to this? Well, first, let's face it, even after eight developer betas, iOS... Continue Reading →

On Tracking People

Thought of the day: Imagine if we could replicate in real-world what it looks like to be tracked online. For each script embedded in a web page, we have a real person with a notepad following you everywhere you choose to go. This would include people listening to your conversations. Certain websites can have more... Continue Reading →

La vie numérique de nos aînés

Numeric Citizen Podcast - Épisode #15: Après quelques semaines de pause et de vacances, me voici de retour. Au menu, un sujet délicat: la vie numérique de nos aînés.  Article publié sur le même sujet, sur mon blogue: Managing The Elderly’s Numeric Life. Merci d’avoir écouté ce podcast. Ne manquez pas de visiter mon blogue... Continue Reading →

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