Some Thoughts On Hawaii

I’m now back from a two weeks vacation where I spent twelve days in Hawaii (Maui, Big Island and Honolulu). Here are a few glaring observations.

The first thing that comes to my mind is how the Hawaiian environment is lacking any ads. You won’t see big ads along the roads, in small villages or in bigger cities like Honolulu. Nothin. How refreshing is that! This is how we get a real sense of how much our life is polluted with ads everywhere.

No ads along the roads in Hawaii

Second, there is so much variety in everything m from the food, the weather, the environment, the architecture and communities. Again, this is so refreshing and enlightening. This makes it very hard for me to decide what part of my trip that I preferred. Why should I put so much pressure on me: I loved everything. 😍

Third, people are so calm and friendly there! I never felt any negativity or the like. I loved my vacation there for sure. Now, a lot of photo processing is awaiting me. Stay tuned.

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