My Photographer Challenge While On Vacation

I live with many opposing forces within me while on vacation. As an avid amateur photographer, trips and vacations are always the best occasions for me to bring my photography gear and enjoy shooting pictures. As my trip unfolds and brings new opportunities for taking pictures, I find myself in a constant dilemma: stopping my route to jump on a picture taking opportunity or simply enjoying the moment. That is a constant dilemma for me. Some situations require more time in order to be able to shoot like on the road where there is no obvious place to stop and stay safe. But what if this is a lifetime opportunity?

People who use their smartphones for shooting pictures here and there see the time I spend shooting pictures is in fact against the whole idea of enjoying my vacation. I couldn’t disagree more. Quite the opposite actually. I cannot blame them as they don’t see the pleasures that come with photography. The act of stopping the time, framing the scene, thinking visually is very satisfying. Those pictures are the seeds that will make my trips, my vacations last forever. And I’m not even talking about the pleasure of post processing my pictures when I return home.

Resolving my dilemma and stopping on the road to snap a picture

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