On Vacation With iOS 13 – Using My iPhone 7

As you probably already know, I’m currently on vacation in Hawaii. As I’m writing this blog post, I’m on the big island, close to the small town of Hilo. For my photography needs I’m using my big Nikon D750 camera and my iPhone 7. But you might be interested to know when and why I use my iPhone instead of my much better Nikon camera.

One of the use case for my iPhone is for documenting my position with the builtin GPS which my Nikon doesn’t have. The second reason for using an iPhone is when I’m too lazy to swap my 70-200 mm for my wide angle lenses. In this case, I’ll use the iPhone but with Lightroom instead of the builtin camera in order to get a RAW image which I’ll be able to better process later. One example of this follows. Not bad. But I can’t wait to upgrade to this fall iPhone.

So many strange landscapes in Hawaii

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