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I took many many RAW photos in Maui, Hawaii. I tried to dig into them with my HyperDrive USB-C hub connected on my iPad running iOS 13. I wanted to see what I could publish on my blog while on vacation. But the current state of RAW images browsing from Files.app is still very weak, even with iPadOS 13 beta 3. The lack of thumbnails makes photo selection impossible. I wonder if Apple will add support in future beta releases. In order to post something, it will have to come from Apple’s builtin Photos app.

Yesterday, we went at the top of the Haleakalã volcano for the sunset. Browsing images in Photos app is really a good experience, particularly with iOS 13 redesign and features. Beware that library curation takes place during the night while your device is connecter to a power source. In practice, when returning to my hotels, after my iPhone sync its stuff with iCloud, my iPad won’t curate the library while browsing in Days view. This is not a real issue but I wanted to point that out.

For this post, I selected this one which doesn’t need any processing, right from my iPhone 7. Enjoy and tell me your feelings about this one.

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  1. On the photo, I really like the color gradient of what I believe is a sunset. I like the silhouettes of people above the horizon. But the two people on the left are merged so it’s confusing who is snapping a photo there or what they’re doing. The whole image invokes a feeling of tranquility.

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