Say No To Facebook Libra

After being a tool to break hour privacy and democracy, Facebook is looking to help break the banking system. Libra is a solution in search of a problem (except maybe in the US with its archaic banking system).

What if other governments don’t like what Libra does to their local currency, perhaps by undermining financial export rules? If they block Facebook, what happens to citizens’ money tied up in Libra?

Charles Arthur for The Guardian

Please, just say no to Libra. Resist.

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  1. Oh I’ve said “No” to Libra. A super emphatic “No way not ever!” Let’s say I am adamantly opposed to Facebook getting involved with currency in any way, shape, or form! Break up Facebook! Don’t let it get more power. Facebook has more people, power, and persuasion than anyone should have; don’t add payments to Facebook.

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