Google Getting Out Of The Tablet Market

The Google Pixel Slate product line is dead. Is Google getting out of the tablet market surprising? What was their share of this market compared to Samsung and others? Probably not very much. The tablet market is mainly owned by Apple from a revenue standpoint. Samsung being behind in a very fragmented market.

Market Share of Tablet Brands
Market Share of Tablet Brands. Source:

This move by Google is surprising to a certain degree. While Google often kills its products, I don’t fully understand Google getting out of this important market segment. Maybe this is because they want to focus on laptop initiatives running ChromeOS.

When Google released its Google Pixel Slate last year I considered getting one myself. My motivations were to test what it is like to be in Google’s ecosystem from a tablet perspective. But when I looked at the price and specs of the Pixel Slate, I changed my mind. This experiment wasn’t really worth it after all. This device was promising. It was their vision of the tablet, something that could potentially put pressure on Apple.

So long dear Google Pixel Slate. More informations from Google leaving the tablet market here [The Verge].

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