Thank You For Inviting Me, Apple.

Thank you for inviting me, Apple. This is a poisonous gift. You know that I won’t resist installaing iOS 13. After two weeks of waiting, today I got my invitation for the iOS 13 beta program. I’m dying for this. I’m not sure this is a good idea. I know many people are actually installing this on their main device. Should I? I have to be clever here. Where should I start? On the iPhone? Nope. Not really. On my iPad? Yep, I think I’ll do this. Making sure to back it up with iTunes on my iMac first is probably the best idea in the current circumstance.

iPadOS 13
Preparing to download and install iPadOS 13

My interest for this release of iOS is mostly for the iPad. This is where basic features we’re lacking the most. So, this is where I’m starting my iOS 13 endeavour. Installing it on my dear and lovely 2018 iPad Pro. Bye, bye iOS 12. Welcome, iPadOS 13 and all the myriad of new features. It is like buying a new iPad altogether and I like it very much thank you!

Can’t wait to try plugging in my USB thumb drive! 🙃 I’ll keep you informed about my impressions and general experience in the coming days. Please, bear with me on this.

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