iPad: A Distraction-Free Device

iPad with Keyboard

Shawn Blanc writing on The Sweet Setup:

One thing in particular that makes iOS and its apps so great is the simple and focused work environment it all provides. The iPad tends to be a very distraction-free device.

Plus Craig Federighi on the AppStories Podcast:

This is what the iPad is all about: being a distraction-free device. And this is why you won’t see Apple make the iPadOS be like the macOS with the windowing system or a Finder-like interface for the home screen. This was something that I was expecting from Apple to keep with iOS 13. Does it make the iPad a less capable device? Not at all.

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  1. Even though Apple has added multi-tasking and other power user features (hello, Files), the iPad remains a simple device. Is it a computer or a tablet? Yes! It’s a tablet computer. Simplicity is its strength. Somehow it can do a lot yet allow the user to focus on a single task at a time. At most, as a mild power user, I get two apps side by side or one full screen plus one in slide-over. I love how it works.

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