Thinking About Buying Your First iPad?

iPad with Keyboard
iPad with Keyboard

If you are thinking about buying your first iPad, I would encourage you to read this blog post “I was wrong about the iPad Pro” by Owen Williams.

The simplicity, and stability of the iPad is something I’ve come to count on—it’s a tool that helps me do one thing at a time, without distractions. It just wasn’t really obvious at first.

If rumours become reality with iOS 13 which would mean better support for iPad uniqueness, my hope is the iPad keeps its overall simplicity. At least, on the surface and in most use cases. I certainly think that this is a wonderful and delightful device. One of the best Apple ever created.

I’m a big fan and a big user of the iPad. With the latest generation of iPad Pro, I think Apple did their best work. I’m using the 11″ iPad Pro with a pencil. It is close to perfection. The only missing piece now is its software. Patiently waiting for iOS 13, a big update.

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  1. iPad first here. Rarely use my PC. My day job requires a PC though for AutoCAD and related 3D CAD software. I need/want to upgrade my iPad Air 2! I use an Anker BT keyboard for writing. And I’m planning to go all-in with photography on iPad instead of the rare uses of Lightroom Classic on my PC. iOS is great. Maybe if iOS 13 has mouse support, then it could be better for CAD.

  2. I’m a big fan of the iPad, too. I’ve switched to using it pretty much exclusively, and have been so glad I did. I haven’t used my Mac in a couple months!

    I am also looking forward to iOS 13, though I’ve purposely not read any of the “what’s coming” stuff, preferring instead to wait to see what’s really there.

    You make a great point about hoping Apple doesn’t add a bunch of complexity to the “baseline” experience. I’ve been really happy with how they’ve added multi-tasking, drag/drop, etc. in the past, by not forcing these concepts onto all users. It’s a great approach and I hope they continue to add advanced features this way, so that the simplicity doesn’t get lost.

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