Big Flickr Downtime Is Coming


On May 22nd, a big Flickr downtime is coming. Why? Because, according to this Flickr blog post, this maintenance is the last part of their big endeavour to move things off Yahoo servers. Where will it go? On AWS servers. Nothing will change from the end user perspective. But I guess this is a sign of a faster pace of changes in the coming months. Again, take a break from Flickr tomorrow. Come back the day after.

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  1. I’ll keep my eye on Flickr to see how it might grow once it’s fully switched over to SmugMug’s care. It may resurge as a better alternative to Instagram or Facebook for photo sharing online.

      1. What I love about Flickr is the focus has always been on photos, not so much on the social craze. It’s photography lovers networking, not celebrities with selfies…

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