At Apple Park, A Rainbow Is Born

Apple Park Rainbow Scene

Once upon a time, a rainbow is born. Right in the middle of a big big circle, a rainbow is born to celebrate, a place, a man. And his legacy. Steve Jobs. Then, some people started to ask about the cost of this rainbow stage. Like if we had to put a price tag on everything Apple does. Or even implying that Apple is so full of cash that they don’t know how to spend it. In Apple’s world, you don’t. Some were even asking if this wasn’t a lack of focus on Apple’s part. After all, this is another case of Jony Ive’s special projects. A lack of focus that could explain why Apple is still shipping shitty keyboard with their entire line of laptops for years.

Lady Gaga’s Concert at Apple Park

My own take on this is really simple. Apple being Apple, one of the most successful business success story or our time, can do whatever they want to celebrate Steve Jobs legacy. And I don’t think this will be a one time shot with this stage. The next celebration is coming at the beginning of June, the WWDC 2019 conference.

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