Digital Age Of Photography

Market Size by Camera Types
Market Size by Camera Types

We live in the digital age of photography. Since 1979, the total market value of camera sales more than doubled. More than that, In 2005, the traditional cameras disappeared from the market. At around the same time the iPhone was launched. The market value peaked in 2007 then decreased and is stable since then.

What I find fascinating though is the constant value for camera with interchangeable lenses. The following tweet from Steven Sinofsky provides a few explanations why.

We now live in the digital age of photography. There is no turning back for sure. Now, what comes next? Kudos to those who can read the future.

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  1. Thank you for the interesting figures.
    Of course there is no turning back but the nostalgic feelings for analogue are growing! Old love never dies 🙂

  2. Interesting as my main interest is birds and wildlife my interchangeable DSLR gives the reach I can’t get with a phone cam.

  3. Oh, also, I looked at my Lightroom catalog earlier this year and filtered it by camera. Basically, when smartphone cams got good enough around 2012, the number of pictures from my trusty Canon dwindled over the years to almost nothin’. It actually made me kinda sad. But it also speaks to the hard fact that smartphone camera convenience and web connection overrules most features of a dedicated shooter.

  4. Interesting to see that current digi cam numbers now about equal the numbers back in the beginning around 2001!

    I love the idea of my iPhone being all/the only camera I need. The simplicity of that is very attractive. But sometimes I still want the creative flexibility of my Canon S5 or the quality of our Nikon DSLR…

    I have never tried an iPhone with the second lens (2x optical) and wonder how much better or more that could do for me.

    Then there’s the rumor of a 3 lens iPhone later this year. Ultra wide, 2x zoom, and normal. But you know what would get my cash? If the iPhone made a macro lens for super close up stuff. I would be all over that!

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