Replacing Your iPhone


Replacing your iPhone shoudn’t be a bad experience, especially after buying a new and expansive one. M. G. Siegler, writing:


But as it turns out, restoring an iPhone does indeed still suck. While you can do everything via the cloud, there are still a whole slew of things that are no better than a clean install. And in some cases, actually worse.


But after talking about this on the latest Talk Show podcast with John Gruber, I was reminded that you can also do this restore via iTunes and if you do this via the encrypted method, it will transfer seemingly all of what the over-the-air restore will not.² Great. So that’s what we set out to do this week.


I just can’t believe this is our current state of the art for setting up a new iPhone in 2019. I’m pretty savvy about such things, and I was still confused or dumbfounded by various aspects of the process. I can’t imagine a “regular” user trying to do these things. In a time when Apple is worried about fewer people upgrading their iPhones, I view it as a minor miracle that anyoneupgrades their iPhones given such hoops.

Since the iPhone came out in 2007, I cannot count all the horror stories about people losing precious data while upgrading their iPhone. Sometimes they lose contacts, or applications (no longer available in the Store) or even worst: photos.

Most people don’t know about iCloud backups or are not willing to pay for the extra space required and make them work. Shame on you Apple. Or they don’t have a computer with iTunes running on it to do the full backup and restore. This is certainly one of the most critical thing iTunes is made for. If they do, they don’t use the encryption because they just don’t know if it makes any difference. And if you add the problem of having to upgrade your brand new iPhone in order to be able to do the restore, it gets really messy. People don’t want to care about those details. This is for the computer and geeky guys.

Where is the simplicity gone, Apple? Replacing your iPhone shouldn’t be a risky thing to do.

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