On Google I/O 2019

This week was the annual Google developers conference: Google I/O 2019. Here are a few quick thoughts and comments about Google’s announcements.

Lot’s of stuff With AI / AR

  • Google AI seems limitless but at the cost of your privacy. Very impressive but let’s be honest here, Google talking about privacy is smoking mirrors. This is the foundation of their business model. People tend to be more ok with Google’s business model because the return on the “investment” with their life are more positive and helpful.
  • With Google Maps and augmented reality for walking directions, Google seems ahead of Apple who a big proponent of AR. Weird. Is Google catching up already with concrete and useful application.
  • Voice assistant is impressive built at the heart of Android. Makes everything else pale in comparison. Seriously. But I don’t care that much because I’m not a big fan of talking to machines. And I suspect this is the case for a majority of people.

Other Stuff

  • Pixel 3a is Google’s iPhone XR. But even cheaper. Camera performance seems catchy but cannot overcome bad physical optics. I don’t like the back of the phone nor the side button. I’m more interested with high end devices. Pass.
  • I like Android Q UI and fluidity a lot. Seems more organic than Apple’s iOS. Google copied the whole gestures of Apple’s iPhone X. I’m ok with this. If only Apple would copy the application drawer concept of Android and bring it to iOS.
    Android Q focus mode is nice and seems to go further than iOS “do not Disturb” feature.

So many things are at the center of each ecosystem (Google vs Apple) with close to nothing interoperable between the two except things like email or SMS.

Every year, Google I/O delivers a lot of new and impressive stuff. This year was no exception. A few things are shipping today. Most will ship later this year. And maybe a few things will never really ship. Or just be available for a short period of time. This is Google.

As a result of this conference, Apple has some meaningful and solid good news to deliver this coming WWDC conference. Not the time for fluffy stuff. Competition is welcomed. We win.

AR example from Google Search

There is much more than what is commented here. Just look here.

Everything is there!
Cooll technology for making things accessible

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