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Apple Carnegie Store
Apple cares about architecture

Apple, stores, architecture and design, a recurring theme. From a recent article on the Washington Post about their new Apple Store:

But the Carnegie project is also aimed at achieving a higher purpose at the company, which is to deepen customers’ affiliation of Apple with something positive — creativity — at a time when the public finds itself increasingly at odds with big-tech companies over jagged political issues surrounding economic inequality, social media and privacy.

This is why I love Apple. They do care for things that I care too: design, privacy, creativity, architecture, etc. There are so many more examples of places like this.

You can read the Tim Cook comments about this store renovation here on the Washington Post. The store web page is here. More photos here. And, the best for the last, Michael Steeber for 9to5Mac has a lot of things to write about and many many more photos. This store is opening today.

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