Is Microsoft The New Kid On The Block?

Windows with Linux kernel
Windows with Linux kernel

Following the announcement of a full blown Linux kernel on their upcoming Windows update, is Microsoft the new kid on the block? I think so. I admire them for what they do in a lot of areas. Windows 10 is mostly enjoyable to us. Azure is a big cloud player. Office Suite on iOS is a joy to use and very powerful, with no compromise. The hardware business is producing quite capable devices and his challenging Apple.

Including a Linux kernel in Windows changes the game. Instead of a Linux environment that has barriers and known edge cases, this is a full-on, no-limitation, macOS-esque Linux environment—with a notable improvement: it’s containerized so you can dispose of it and get a fresh environment in a second, then just keep working. 

For those developers with bad MacBook keyboards, maybe they should take notice.

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