Cool iOS 13 Concept Video

iOS 13 Drak Mode Example
iOS 13 Drak Mode Example

Stop everything. This cool iOS 13 concept video is so cool! I rarely post or write about visual concept videos. Because they don’t always address real problems or take into account basic usability constraints. I couldn’t skip this one without sharing it here. WWDC 2019 is coming very soon and all eyes are on iOS 13 update for the iPad. My personal expectations are at an all time high this year. Apple is slow to move the needle for the iPad with iOS specific features. The last was in 2017 with iOS 11. Here are a few screen shots. Video after the break.

There is a lot to love in this short video, lots of great ideas carefully crafted. revised design is very well thought out with external drive support. Don’t miss the preview mode and multi-columns support. Multitasking updated capabilities are gorgeous with up to four side-by-side applications. Dark mode feature is superb. All in all I’m very enthousiastic about this mockup.

iOS 13 Concept Mockup

For a full explanation behind the concepts in this video, head to the author’s article on Medium.

iOS 13, if is proves to be up to my expectations could make me buy the 12.9″ iPad pro. I’m currently owning the 11″ inches one. Don’t miss this 9to5Mac summary article on the latest informations about this major iOS release. Can’t wait for WWDC.

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