iOS 13 Will Be A Pretty Big Update

WWDC Poster
WWDC 2019 Poster

Here is my take on the latest WWDC rumors. According to Mark Gurmen for Bloomberg, iOS 13 will be a pretty big one. Here are a few things that caught my attention.

Many areas seeing improvements

  • Other speed increase are expected across the board which I thought was done. It seems Apple is determined to push the envelop here for older devices. The consumer is winning.
  • Updates to application opening or closing animation are on the menu too. iOS 12 already brought many tweaks in that regard. I guess Apple isn’t satisfied yet.
  • Enabling the dark mode from the Control Center is sweet has it won’t require a reboot like changing iOS language. This is a guess.
  • Swipping keyboard letters to accelerate typing is interesting but more work needs to be done on multilanguage support. Auto correct is still far from perfect.
  • Any revamp of Health app will be welcomed because. I think Apple downgraded the user experience from the original release. Can’t wait to see what is coming there. This is a fast growing segment for Apple. So it gets a lot of attention.
  • The ability to use an iPad as a second display for modern Macs is brilliant. It is far from a new idea. Duet Display is such a nice piece of software. But I can’t wait to see Apple’s own take on this. Having full API access could help them push the experience even further compared to Duet Display.
  • Profile page for iMessage is nice.
  • Merging Find my Friends with Find My iPhone is just a natural step forward. There was no need, at least from my point of you, to keep them seperate.
  • Mail could see many more tweaks and redesigned areas. This will certainly be welcomed.
  • Sharing photos with a more organized share sheet certainly will be welcomed. Anything to help working with photos on iOS is welcomed.

But the iPad?

Regarding the iPad unique features in iOS 13, things aren’t as cool as I would expect. The same article is referring to tweaks to the home screen design. This is not the same as a redesign.

The iPad is getting some unique features, including an updated interface for multi-tasking, tweaks to the home screen, and the ability to cycle through different versions of the same app.

Mark Gurman

I hope this is innacurate because many are rightfully expecting a lot more than this. If Apple wants the iPad to be a real computer replacement, iOS 13 has to bring many more important changes. Updates to with support to external storage devices like USB key is one of them. Also, iPad home screen which is in dire need of rethinking is another. Besides that, all in all, iOS 13 will bring much welcomed upgrades and tweaks to the currently shipping iOS 12.

WWDC is coming. This WWDC poster on Apple’s main web site is a reminder. This year there are so many things in the works. Every year after the keynote is done, I always tell myself: what’s left now? It seems a lot more is actually still to be done.

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