On MacBook Keyboard Flaws

Ouch, just stop everything and head to this Reddit post: MacBook Pro Keyboard Failures: Why Apples dust excuse is bullshit! [Teardown + Explanations]. Another damaging article for Apple on Apple MacBook keyboard flaws. The MacBook keyboard is over engineered. Plain and simple. The internet is full of stories about this keyboard. And I’m part of this because I care and I wish Apple would fix this once and for all. But, it seems there is no solution on the horizon.

Meanwhile, have a look on Twitter. Read this Twitter thread on the subject of this Reddit post.

Another small thread here that shows how bad the situation is.

For me, the best keyboard Apple is currently shipping is this one: Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad. Some think the black one is even better but I’m not sure. However, I’ll have to test it myself.

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  1. From what I’ve read online, the best Apple keyboard currently *might* be the Smart Keyboard for iPad! You can pour dust or water on it, no problem. Also, it’s very quiet. But it’s missing a function row and a keypad. But iOS mitigates lack of function row, I think.

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