Pricing of Adobe Photography Plan Increasing

Pricing of Adobe photography plan increasing. This could be real bad news for many. I can see people strating to look around for replacement. As you know, Adobe Lightroom is at the center of my photography workflow. I cannot imagine leaving my Lightroom investments behind. Luminar 3 is not a real contender for me. There are other solutions for sure. The good news is that I was already contemplating the idea of going to the 1 TB plan for storage. As you may already know, I’m building a replacement for Flickr with Adobe Portfolio. Now this would be included.

Adobe Photography Plan
Current Adobe Plans

According to PetaPixel article, Adobe is just “testing” the water. We’ll see.

[Update #1: Well, maybe not according to AppleInsider. My take: Adobe is testing the water to see how people are reacting.]

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  1. I really like Lightroom and wanted to use LR CC on my iPad but did not want the subscription fee. I want to buy Pixelmator Photo, but first must buy a newer iPad..!

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