Are We Apple Fanatics?

Photo by on Unsplash Question of the week: are we Apple fanatics? This question comes to my mind when I’m reading this provoking article from Niko Kitsakis: “The “almost” device”. I have to wonder if this is the case sometimes. Here is why. Niko Kitsakis writing: if the iPad really was that good, wouldn’t that be a... Continue Reading →

My Wishes for iOS 13

WWDC 2019 Artwork iOS 13 is rumored to be a pretty big update, probably one of the biggest release in a long time. While we wait for it, here are my wishes for iOS 13. Improve photographer support As an amateur photographer, a passionate one, this is the most important area where I wish Apple... Continue Reading →

Visitors and page views trend over the last twelve months I'm super happy. Thank you to all my visitors.

A Sign Of Things To Come?

Could the following screenshot of the annotation toolbar from iOS 13 be a sign of things to come next week? Shades? Depth? Realism? Affordance? Major scoop from @_inside. This toolbar can be dragged anywhere on the screen... another sign of change on the iPad, draggable windows? iOS 13 Screenshot annotation toolbar I really digg this... Continue Reading →

Is Apple Adandoning 3D Touch?

Rumors are again surfacing about the possibility that Apple is abandoning 3D Touch in its 2019 iPhone. If this is the case, I would be very sorry for this loss. But let’s go back a few years ago. 3D touch in action with peek & poke feature shown A new way to interact 3D Touch... Continue Reading →

Is The iPhone Killing Apple?

Another product line from Apple: their stores A question comes to my mind often these days: is the iPhone killing Apple? Apple was "for the rest of us" and the underdog for about half of his history. Apple was marching on a fine line dividing relevancy from extinction. Apple’s energy was focused, highly concentrated on... Continue Reading →

I Was Wrong About Medium

Today, I have to admit that I was wrong about Medium. A few weeks ago I published a post on Medium to say bye bye1,2. I was there at the beginning of this publishing platform and published quite a few articles. But I didn’t like the monetization of Medium overtime. I realized my stand on... Continue Reading →

Thinking About Buying Your First iPad?

iPad with Keyboard If you are thinking about buying your first iPad, I would encourage you to read this blog post “I was wrong about the iPad Pro” by Owen Williams. The simplicity, and stability of the iPad is something I've come to count on—it's a tool that helps me do one thing at a... Continue Reading →

Running GuruShots Challenge

As a long time player of the photo challenge game GuruShots, the ultimate goal is to become a Guru. The only privilege of being a Guru is to be able to run our own challenge. After weeks of waiting while in review status, one of my submitted challenge finally got approved. This is my first... Continue Reading →

New MacBook Pro Released

New MacBook Pro Announcement Surprising announcement from Apple this week: new MacBook Pro released! Full press release available here. Take a few minutes to glance the press release then come back. Do you notice something weird? I did. All the MacBook Pro are pictured in such a way that we don’t see the keyboard. Why?... Continue Reading →

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