Samsung Is Paying The High Price of Being First

With the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is paying the high price of being first. Another Samsung fiasco in the making. Let’s recap recent weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold, a $1980 smartphone, was officially announced on February 20, 2019. This pricey foldable device is not something to be dismissed. On paper the concept is interesting. Just remember Apple’s Knowledge Navigator video concept from 1987. Now, more than thirty years later, Samsung is trying to ship a commercial product of a foldable device. The tech world is freaking. But not for a long time.

A Broken Dream

The dream didn’t last long. Many review units are breaking forcing Samsung to postpone the device until further notice. This could take weeks or longer before people can buy them in store. Maybe this announcement is too late. The Samsung brand is paying the high price of being first. Hence the high price of being the first.

Trying to be the best

Now, let’s turn our attention to Apple. They don’t rush to be the first in a market. They rarely do. This can be seen as a weakness because they don’t try hard enough. I prefer them to enter a market to fix real issues not for the sake of being the first. But, Apple is not without it’s faults. They sometimes look full of themselves. And they do suffer from fiascos too. Just look at this MacBook butterfly keyboard humiliation. This is another example of trying too hard. Did the keyboard need to be over designed?

This is bad for Samsung. This is bad for users and the market. The foldable smartphone is a novel idea with merits. But because of Samsung fiasco, this device category could take a long time to recover and get its legitimacy back.

Disclaimer: I did not have access to a review unit of the Samsung Galaxy Fold nor did I see one in person.

Critical post by John Bruber about the very same matter.

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